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PHP - Importance

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Importance of PHP

User you know one things that the PHP is helpful for us, you have one questions in your mind how it is helpful for us? Don’t worry We have defined below..

  1. Reduce the time to create a large website.
  2. Many functions use in tiny time.
  3. It creates thousands of possibilities for online tools.
  4. Creating a shopping carts for business websites (e-commerce websites).
  5. Simply create login form, registration form, like button form, many operations like comments, if-else, switch case, forms, loops etc. you should know html forms.
  6. Many functions use in tiny time.
  7. Allow users to uploading a big files.

How to Start PHP

To start with php you must first do the following Steps.

You should need to create PHP code using same things which we use as creating html. That is following software like: Text Editor. For Example: Notepad(For Windows), Pico(For Linus,) or Simpletext (Mac). But very easy to use notepad. You can use the Browsers like Internet Explorer or Firefox or Google Chrome Safari browser etc ..

Installing PHP

How to install Wamp Server on windows XP? Download Wamp Server

Installing Wamp Server

  • Wamp stand for WINDOWS APACHE MYSQL PHP.
  • To install the wamp server or configure Wamp Server on Window XP.
  • This is open source software and it is easy to use without any cost under the GPL (General Public Licence).
  • Wamp server is part of dynamic website with MySql , Apache Server and PHP Scripting Language.
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