Q1. Which is NOT a part of Quality Context Triangle?
Ans: Design quality
Q2. Which class-based design metrics is used to measure the total number of edges in the inheritance tree from its lowest node to its root?
Ans: Design quality
Q3. Which of the following quality checks involves organizing people, planning processes, and providing appropriate implementation environment? Ans: Quality environment
Q4. Which techniques ensures that the software models represent their intended meaning and their representation is consistent cross the project? Ans:Semantics
Q5.A class Employee is a base class containing Emp_details class and also controls the lifetime of class Emp_details.
Q6.A class named Employee is a part of class Company and class Employee can exist independently. Which of the following relationships refers to the given scenario?
Q7.In which correctly represents a private operation, print() that accepts a character value and returns an integer?
Ans:print (ch: char): int
Q8.In which of the following correctly represents a protected operation, display() that accepts an integer value and returns a string?
Ans:~display(num: int): String
Q9.A Payroll System consist of an Employee class and an Address class. The Employee class has attributes, such as employee code, name, and date of birth. The Address class has attributes, such as the house number and area code. Which of the following relationships exists between the Employee class and the Address class of the payroll system?
Q10.Which is an association relationship between two objects of the same class?
Ans:Recursive aggregation
Q11.In which gives the correct description of the term Parameterized class?
Ans:parameterized class represents the abstract behavior of a group of objects and the operations associated with the objects.
Q12.Which of the following is a valid difference between an abstract class and an interface?
Ans:An interface allows you to create instances, but an abstract class does not allow you to create instances.
Q13.A class that has multiple objects having the same attribute values is known as a ______________.
Ans:Factory class
Q14.Which Requirement Gathering Techniques involves Idea generation and Idea reduction activities?
Ans:Conducting Brainstorming Session
Q15.Which enables you to focus on the functions performed by the software system in each iteration?
Ans:System Boundary
Q16.Which represents a role involved in the existing business process?
Ans:Business worker
Q17.Which phases of Requirement management enables you to define and represent the behavior of the software?
Ans:Requirements analysis and negotiation
Q18.What does a Business use case represent?
Ans:The functions of a particular sub process in the existing process.
Q19.What do you call the process of re-factoring?
Q20.Info Solution has been assigned to automate the Air Line Reservation system of Flyway, an airlines company. Flyway wants the following requirements in the automation system:
-- Fill the reservation form
-- Submit the reservation form
Ans:Book the ticket online and Check the availability of seats
Q21.A large number of books are available in the City library. The librarian is responsible for issuing and collecting books from the members. The librarian also maintains the status of all the books in the library. In addition, the librarian orders the new books for the library and makes payments for them.
Ans:Business actor and Business worker
Q22.Which enables an analyst to know if all the requirement are fulfilled in terms of static and dynamic constituents?
Ans:Design view
Q23.Which is a limitation of the Incremental approach?
Ans:The approach is applicable only to large applications.
Q24Which approaches is used in requirement gathering and analysis phases to capture the exact requirements of the proposed system?
Ans:Prototyping approach
Q25.Which software development approaches is used to show the functional capabilities of the software system to the customer to freeze the requirements?
Ans:Prototyping approach
Q26.A stream represents a stream of bytes of data. Which of the following are the primary tasks performed by a stream?
Ans:Reading, writing, seeking
Q27.Which is TRUE about FileSystemWatcher class?
Ans:The FileSystemWatcher class is used to monitor the current directory and its subdirectories for changes in the directories or files contained in the directory.