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NIIT Semester 'B' Important Question (MT-1)

Q1. Which of the following is a rule for creation a well-formed XML document?

Answer: Every empty element must be closed using a forward slash(/) before the closing angular bracket.

Q2. Which component of an XML document is used to provide additional information about element?

Answer: Attribute.

Q3.Which component of an XML document provides the information about the encoding scheme used in the XML document?

Answer: Processing Instruction

Q4.Which component of an XML document provides a shortcut to chunk of data?

Answer: Entity.

Q5. Which of the following statements is true about entities?

Answer: An entity is a name that is associated with a block of data.

Q6.The details about customers of an e-Commerce portal site are stored in an XML document. Which one of the following should you use to check whether the document conforms to the DTD or not?

Answer: .msxml, which is a validation parser

Q7.what does the “+” symbol in the content model in a DTD indicate?

Answer: an element must occur at least once and there can be multiple occurrences.

Q8.which of the following value types allows you to specify a list of valid values that can be assigned to an attribute?


Q9.which of the following is NOT a valid element name?

Answer: <Student data>

Q10.what does the “?” symbol in the content model of an element declaration in a DTD indicate?

Answer: The element is optional. If used, the element can appear only once within the parent element in an XML.

Q.11.you want to display the largest integer that is less than or equal to the argument. Which of the following Xpath functions will you use to achieve this?

Answer: floar()

Q12.which of the following statements should you use to apply the formatting action to all child elements of a node?

Answer: </xsl:template>

Q.13.which of the following should you use to format data based on conditions?

Answer: the”xsl:if” element along with the “test” attribute

Q14.what will the following XPath expression return? Substring before(“2001/07/09”,”/”)


Q15.which of the following are the parent elements for the xsl:sort element?

Answer: xsl:for-each or xsl:apply

Q16.which of the following statements correctly states the difference between HTML and XML?

Answer: HTML focuses on presentation of data, while XML focuses only on data and not on how the data.

Q17. Statement A: XML is a text-based markup language that enables you to store data in a structured format by using meaningful tags.
Statement B: XML allows you to format data as per the requirements of the application..

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Answer: Both Statements are True.

Q18.which one of the following statements is true about XSLT?

Answer: XSLT is a superset of CSS.

Q19.Which one of the following is NOT an XSLT element?

Answer: xsl:style-sheet

Q20.Printer spooling is an application of which of the following data structures?

Answer: Queues

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