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Basic HTML Started

Why Learn HTML?

This is very common and important question amongst beginners.

Within a couple of time you can create/making simple web pages or websites.

You want to create fast and lovely web pages and you have to write just simple html tag which is useful of good quality web pages or easy to access, then you can probably get without understanding HTML.

If you have willing to spend a little time to learning each weeks of every month ,I sure you can gain very good understanding and knowledge of how to work websites.

HTML is not a programming language-It’s must simple.HTML is time consuming to learn but it’s not difficult.

It is possible to create web pages without knowing anything about the HTML source behind the page.

There are excellent editor in market that will take care of HTML parts.

However, if you want to make web design, I request you that you should learn HTML first then you should touch other language.Html is basic things to create web pages.

After write HTML code, then you should save the document, make sure to put an .html extension or an .htm extension to the file(for example “myfirstpage.html/htm”).