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Tag is a basic stricture of HTML. Without Tag HTML will not work proper. Without tag it is useless.

If you are creating web pages and doing business on internet, taking some time to learn how to design own your web site and write your own TAG(Hypertext Markup Language).It play major role in your success.

HTML tags known as “HTML Elements” and there attributes used to create HTML documents. Note that no all browsers support all HTML tags and their attributes so you should try to test your pages to run in many browsers.

Below the Complete HTML TAG List from the HTML 4.01 version.

List of HTML Tags

<address> <a>
<area> <var>
<head> <hr>
<html> <i>
<iframe> <input>
<b> <blockquote>
<body> <br>
<select ><small>
<span ><strong>
<style ><sub>
<sup > <p>
<table ><tbody>
<td ><textarea>
<tfoot ><th>
<thead ><title>
<tr ><tt>
<u ><ul>