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Html Head!

The HTML head tag is used for indicating the head section of the HTML document.

The head starts with a <head> tag and ends with a </head> tag.

The information in the head of an HTML document is very important because it is used to descried or argument the content of the document.

Search engine use meta-information to index web pages.

The head element can include contact information, script, style sheet, comments and most important is page title.

Head tag contains information about the page that does not show in the main browser window.

You always guessed that the title begin with <title> and end with </title>

Don’t add any extra formatting tag to the title. They will not work there.

You can add metatags. Metatags is used for search engine which is improve ranking of your site. and JavaScript which is programming language which is complex the HTML page.

Web pages are have two parts- The Head Section and The Body Section.

<title>aone title </title>
<meta name="Keywords" content="">
<meta name="Description" content="">
<body> write body content here..