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Quick HTML Sheet

Use the quick HTML sheet to quickly find the code as you need. All you need to do copy (from this Quick sheet) and paste into your website's code. you can change the values to put your particular situation on your web page. This is summary of html you can use code from here. It is very easy to use this type of examples. We have mention here brief Description, brief html code and Result also tht's benifit for you...


Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6

This is Normal paragraph text.

Line Break This is used for Line break...
Bold Text This is for Bold text.
Italic Text Italic text.
Color Text

Color text.

Text Size

Text size using points.

Text size using pixels.

Text size using relative sizes.

Font Family

Preferred Arial,Times New Roman, serif font.

Preformatted Text
Preformatted text displays 
just as you type it...
...line breaks,
spaces and all!
Teletype Text Teletype text - sometimes referred to as typewriter text.
Citation Text Citation text.
Emphasized Text Emphasized text.
Code Text Code text.
Big Text Big text.
Small Text Small text.
Blockquote The label says:
Contents should not be swallowed. This is due to the enormous amount of harmful chemicals that has gone into this burger.
Deleted Text Delete this text.
Inserted Text Insert this text.
Keyboard Text Keyboard text - text to be entered by the user.
Quotation Text Quotation text.
Sample Text Sample text (output from a computer program).
Variable Text Variable text.
Definition Definition.: To define the meaning of a word, phrase or term.
Image with Border
Linked Image Write something on laptop
Linked Image with no Border
Basic Table
Table cell 1Table cell 2
Table with cellpadding, cellspacing, and width attributes
Table cell 1Table cell 2
Table with a Header Row
Table headerTable header
Table cell 1Table cell 2
Table with colspan Applied
Table header
Table cell 1Table cell 2
Table with rowspan Applied
Table headerTable cell 1
Table cell 2
Table with CSS Applied
Table headerTable header
Table cell 1Table cell 2
Basic Form Tags (insert all form elements between these tags) (Insert form elements here)
Text Input
Text Area
Radio Buttons Option 1 Option 2
Checkboxes Option 1 Option 2
Select List
Submit Button
Image Button
Ordered list (numbered list)
  1. List item 1
  2. List item 2
  3. List item 3
Unordered list (unnumbered list)
  • List item 1
  • List item 2
  • List item 3
Definition list
Term 1
Definition of term 1
Term 2
Definition of term 2
Inline Frame