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HTML Links!

Links known as Hyperlinks or known as anchor element. To create hyperlink, you use the a tag in conjunction with the href attribute. The value of href is the URL, or Location where the link is pointing.

HTML Link is very important for go to one page to another page. Links are found in all Web Pages. Links allows user to way from one page to another page.

How To create HTML Link in Web Document.

HTML Hyperlinks (Links)

A hyperlink or link is a word, image or group of words that you can click to jump to a new document or new section from current document.

When you move cursor over the link in a web page, the arrow turn into hand.

Links are using the tag. To create a link to another document, by using href attribute.

HTML Link Syntax

The HTML code for link is simple way to look like this.
<a href="url"> text Link </a>
The href tag means the destination of a link.

<a href="http://www.aonestudy.com/">Visit Aonestudy Tutorial </a>

Display look like this:Visit Aonestudy Tutorial

Clicking in the hyperlink it send the user to Aonestudy Tutorial homepage.

The "Text Link" does not necessary to be text. You can link from images or any other HTML elements.

The Target Attribute in HTML Links-

The target attribute specify where you want to open the link document.

The target attribute have the following possible values:

_blank    Opens the URL in a new browser window.
_parent  Loads the URL into parent frame. This only for applicable when using frames.
_self    Loads the URL in the current browser window.
_top   Loads the URL in the current browser window.
_search   Search the URL in the current browser window.


<a href="http://www.aonestudy.com/" target="_blank/_parent/_self/_top/_search">Visit AoneStudy Tutorial!< /a>

Named Anchors

You can make links “Jump” to the other section within the same page. You do the named anchors.
To use named anchors, you need to create two pieces of code - one for the hyperlink and one for the named anchor.