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HTML Start!

Getting Started

Okay! Guyes Let’s get Start HTML from beginning, here just you will learn how to create web pages easy way. Step by Step you will learn and enjoy creating web pages. In fact, you have finished with this web page; you should have to create your own web page!

When you create your own web page practice you will do something like this:

1. Firstly you should create an HTML file.
2. Write Some HTML code on your text Editor/Notepad.
3. Next view the result in browser for example-Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc browser..
4.Then repeat the last 2 steps(if necessary)

Creating a web pages

Okey! Let’s we walk through the above steps in details.

1. Create HTML file

HTML file is simply a text file which is saved with an .html or .htm extension (Exp: net.html or net.htm) both extenson are same.
1. Firstly you must open your computer’s normal plain text editor (it should be Notepad if you are using Windows or Text Edit if you’re using Mac).

2. You should use HTML editor such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage if you have.

3. Then You create a new file (if one not already created).

4. Then you must save the file (htmltutorial.html or htmltutorial.htm).

2. Write HTML Code

Type The following HTML code in NotePad/Text Editor :-

<head><title>Basic HTML Tutorial </title> </head>
Welcome to the world of Aonestudy Tutorial with in 5 min.

3. View the result in your browser: Internet Explorer/ any Browsers.

1. Go to file and Double Click on it.
2. open your computer web browser ( for example, Go to Start Menu then Programs file then click on Internet Explorer).
3. Select File > Open, and then click "Browse". A dialogue box will show prompting you to navigate to the file. Navigate to the file, and then select "Open".
4. If your result is not show proper you must Repeat the last 2 steps you are satisfy with your result. after that your result will appear on the browser.

Explanation the Code:-

We just write coded a bunch of HTML tags. You may have notice that every opening tag there were also a closing tag.All HTML documents.