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Content of Newly Created Web Site

ASP.Net 3.5 define a several special folders. When a new web site is created the APP_Data folder is created by default. This folder reserved for database like Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition .Mdf files.

The List of the special Folder given below.
Folder Name Description
APP_Browser This is browser definition files (.Browser) that don’t identify the browser capabilities. These file used to help support mobile applications.
App_Code:- This contains the source code for classes (.cs, .vb, and .jsl files) you can put class file into it.
App_Data:- It contain data base file (.mdf and .xml files)
App_Global Resources:- It contains resources (.resx and .resources files). It help you support without compilation of source code.
App_LocalResources:- It also contains Resources (.Rexs and .Resources file) that are used masterpage or user control in an application.
App_Themes:- It defines a specific theme (or look) for your web site. A themes consists of file (such as .CSS. .Skin and images file)
App_WebReferences:- It contains References of web files (.wsdl, .xsd, .disco and .disco map files) that define web services references.
Bin: In bin folder It contains compiled assemblies (.dll files) that you want to references in your application.

You can add special folder to a web site from the Visual Studio menu system. Right-Click on the web application project then selecting add asp.net Folder.