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ASP (Active Server Page) is the most popular and powerful way to write interactive web application. The most powerful and easily tool for creating interactive web applications.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and ASP.Net 3.5 are evolve for Web development. In ASP.Net 3.5 has new tools available you to build highly interactive web application.

1. How Many Language Support .Net?
Ans:-. NET supports 61 programming languages. 9 Microsoft Languages support and 52 are non-Microsoft Languages. Like: APL, C++, C#, Cobol, Java Language, Microsoft Jscript, Component Pascal etc.

Types of Web sites in Visual Web Developer

File Type:-

Asp.net 3.5 support File system web site Type. In file system website, you can create a file in any folder you like, whether on Local Computer or any other Computer that you can access across a network. You don’t need to run IIS on you Computer.

This is a good Feature when IIS is not installed on the developer’s computer. A developer want to create a web site without use of Remote Server.

FTP Web Site Type:-

ASP.Net 3.5 Support FTP web Site Type. This feature can be used when building a website on the remote computer. Visual Studio 2008 allows you to open and edit web sites that is accessible by using an FTP server.

You can connect within Visual Studio 2008 to any FTP Server on which you can read and write. You can create and edit web pages on that server.

HTTP Web Site Type      Local IIS Web Site