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Heart Breaking Poem by Khushboo

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My heart is still in Cage Wana tear all those page Showing up my love life Dream to be someone's wife Cause afterall he is a man Far different from woman Its about skin touch for him Sometime his SHELLEY, Sometime KIM Why his SIN, He cannot trim? Running after KIRA, Just Cause she's Slim

Remember how we both met I with my Cat, You with your bat I'm ill baby, I'm Sick All Your words, I wanna kick There's no Love lolly that I can click Forgot double date with NICOLE and NICK Our Relation filled with fissure and crick Broken hollow story wall, broken Love brick

I called you baby when I was in pain I don't think for me any care you gain So commely, foxy was our pair I still love you a lot my dear Each Single strand between us now Broken; would be fixed thin wow

All asked me my beauty tips Reasons for my shiny lips Reasons why I don't need any clip my hair so silky, easy to slip you were the reason for my Glow My hotness now has gone slow..

I miss you daily, but know the fact You'll not miss me that's your pact can we both pass on a treaty Forgive each other, cause we both were guilty I was wrong, saying it for you my mate just save me dear, else be late...

Peam Written by Miss. Khushboo Raj

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