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Global Warming

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These Days Global warming is a very hot topic and little wonder also because earth grows hotter with each passing year. Pollution is generally defined as the release of harmful environmental. Pollution can take two major forms: local pollution and global pollution. In past generally local pollution was thought to be a problem. For Example, coal burning produces smoke and it can be health hazard. One slogan "The solution to pollution is dilution". Traditionally, sources of serious pollution include oil refineries, chemical plants, nuclear waste dumps, regular garbage dumps (many toxic substances are illegally dumped), car factories, ekistics factories and corporate animal farms creating huge amounts of animal waste. Global warming is the increase in average global temperature due to increase in amount of green house effects in the earth’s atmosphere.

Global warming is the unusually rapid increase in Earth’s average surface temperature over the past century primarily due to the greenhouse gases released by people burning fossil fuels. The impact of global warming is far greater than just increasing temperatures. The term ‘Global Warming’refers to the rise in the temperature of planet earth which will bring an end to the mountains old human civilization. Global warming can be the best defined as the increase of overall warming of our planet.

Global Warming

Which if not checked it will burn and end to life on planet earth, all of us alive in the near future. Global Warming is nothing but increase in the earth's average temperature which in turn can cause climatic changes. It has been calculated that the average temperature of the earth today is 5900F (1500C). In the past hundred years, the global temperature has been increased by 100F. This may cause many serious problems including submerging of the coastal areas.

Effects of Global Warming:

  1. Not only human beings but also various plants and animals are in the danger of being attacked by global warming.
  2. Tropical diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever and encephalitis can spread all over the world.
  3. Global Warming
  4. Humidity in the environment increases and this can cause increased rainfall.
  5. Dry lands will be developed in many parts of the world.
  6. It can cause many diseases in crops and forest trees.
  7. It can also cause skin diseases in human beings.
  8. This can reduce the life span of human beings. the average life span was above 85 years and now it has been reduced to 65 – 70 years.
  9. Some people may die due to heat stress and sickness.

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