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Computer In Our Life!

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Computer is an electronic device which is operated by human being. Now a day, we cannot imagine our life without computer. Since 1948, when the first real computer includes many features which is look like Hi-Tech. Computer is very useful of us, like at home and school and education and office, airport and railway station also.
At present computers are commonly used in our life. Most firms cannot exist without them. Computer makes the work easier for peoples. Not difficult to use every body can do this. If you want to good job now you should be able to work with word processor. We can see them whenever we work on computer. In every field without computer work will not possible to do.
People spend day and night with computer if your job related to technology. Computer is the best friends in my life. computer is the part of our life. We can’t imagine without computer.
Computer life Every person gets many information’s about the our studies from the internet. Computer is a great invention of science and technology. Which is useful of all human being in the world. Computer‘s are magical and electronics machine that have practically taken over the whole world. Once that time, pencil and pens have been the tools of the writer for centuries but now, we have this wonderful and magical machine keeps writer save, more or less. With the help of email. Email connects the whole world which can use in the help of computer. Computer has many advantages and disadvantages also. Computer is a Hi-Tech gadgets it has lot of advantages like this:-

  1. Getting latest and new information easily.
  2. It’s store our data and important file.
  3. It has speed, storage and reliability.
  4. It helps in business, office and school also.
  5. Do things, which cannot do.
  1. It may damage your studies and life.
  2. Spoil eyes sight if took on the head too much on monitor.
  3. Expensive to buy the computer in the market.
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